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12,000 Ton Press Rebuild

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12000 Ton Press Rebuild

When Industrial Measurement Solutions LLC was requested to perform a rebuild on a 12,000 ton press, we carried out an on-site inspection of all components being sent out for repair, giving the vendor an "as found" report, detailing the condition of the parts. As these parts were received, we provided the critical alignment measurements necessary to place the components in the correct position. The parts measured 18' in length, 14' in width, and 20' in height.

At this volume, we were able to provide a measurement repeatability of .0021", which allowed us to assemble the press to within 50% the manufacturing tolerance. And, in some cases, we were even able to keep it under 25% of the tolerance.

While the press was being rebuilt, we were able to maintain a bore perpendicularity within .0065" over 17', and an elevation from side to side of .0051". Gibb surfaces were parallel to each other to within .011" on all four corners. After the parts were successfully rebuilt, we were able to assemble the actual finished dimensions of the press to meet up to half of the original manufacturing specifications.

12,000-Ton Press Rebuild Project Highlights

Tightest Tolerance   .020"
Product Length   18"
Product Width   14"
Product Height   20'
Product Weight  
Maximum Clamping Force   12,000 tons
Standards Met   Bore perpendicularity over 17' was within .0065". Elevation from side to side was .0051". Gibb surfaces were parallel to each other to within .011" on all 4 corners. We were able to hold the actual finished dimensions to half the manufacturing specifications.