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About Industrial Measurement Solutions LLC

Portage Layout Machine

Portage Inspection Machine

In 1958, the first generation of layout machines was introduced to industry by the Portage Machine Company of Akron, Ohio. Over the years, the layout machine was continually refined. The addition of electronic measuring systems further expanded its efficiency. As measuring standards evolved, the Portage Machine Company introduced the Portage inspection machine in 1959.

Our experience started in 1971 building the Portage inspection machine at the Portage Machine Company in Akron, Ohio. The Portage inspection machine is 1 of 2 machines built that is geometrically correct. All 4 axes' of the machine were hand fit and aligned without any geometry error compensation required in the software. Using laser interferometers and federal electronic differential levels the geometry of each axis was stoned by hand and aligned to each other to maintain the volume metric accuracy within the machine measuring capability.

After Portage sold out to Bendix and later closed in 1983 a few employees went out on their own and formed R.W.D Enterprise and Hanlin Calibration.

R.W.D Enterprise took over manufacturing the layout machines that Portage and Bendix produced. R.W.D Enterprise still provides machines, replacement parts and calibration services for all the Portage and Bendix layout machines still in service today.

Hanlin Calibration helped R.W.D service and maintain the calibration of the layout machines. Hanlin Calibration also provided R.W.D with the experience to calibrate and service the Portage inspection machines that were still in service.

While calibrating the inspection machines, our customers found they were inspecting parts and finding machining errors. We would check the calibration of the inspection machine and could not find any problems with the machine. This is when Hanlin Calibration started to inspect the machine tools for his customers when they found their machines machining bad parts.

I started with Hanlin Calibrations part time in 1990, helping him inspect and calibrate the inspection machines and machine tools when he needed a hand. I also worked full time for RRR Development in North Canton, Ohio as a machine builder. RRR Development built and installed tire building equipment around the world. My experience I had working with Hanlin Calibrations allowed me to excel at machine alignment and assembly at RRR Development. Soon, I was installing this equipment around the world for their customers.

Then in 2003 the owner of Hanlin Calibrations was looking to slow down and semi-retire and find someone to maintain and service his customers. That is when I decided to join Hanlin Calibrations and together branch out and form Industrial Measurement Solutions LLC

My experience working with Hanlin Calibrations along with building and installing machinery on our own gives us a solid back ground in machine alignment and calibration. We have installed and maintained hundreds of machines in 5 different countries around the world. Setting machinery up since 1990 using laser interferometers, laser trackers, jig transits and a variety of other precision measuring devices gives Industrial Measurement Solutions LLC the experience and integrity to service all your alignment and measuring needs.