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Laser Scanning Inspection of Electric Motor Air Duct

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Laser Scanning Inspection of Electric Motor Air Duct

Using our advanced laser scanning technology, Industrial Measurement Solutions LLC was able to provide an on-site inspection of an air duct inside an electric motor, making removal of the part unnecessary. The electric motor air duct measured 1.5" in thickness, 15" in length, 6" in width, and 4" in height. The product weighed seven pounds.

Upholding a (+/-) .010" precision tolerance, we were able to map out the shape and dimension of all hole locations, as well as channel spacings and depths. We were also able to map out the profile dimensions of the part. After inspection was complete, we then converted scanned data into a polygonal mesh. This mesh was loaded into the CNC control, allowing a new part to be machined.

Laser Scanning Inspection of Electric Motor Air Duct Project Highlights

Tightest Tolerance   +/- .010"
Material Thickness   1.5"
Product Length   15"
Product Width   6"
Product Height   4"
Product Weight   7 lbs.
Secondary Operations Applied   Converted scanned data to a polygonal mesh to load into the CNC control to machine a new part.